Perform Rescue Safe and Easy: AEDs Made by Mindray

Mindray, an experienced AED company from China, manufactures AED defibrillators with real-time feedback, full-color emergency images, voice instructions, and intelligent current defibrillation modes to make treating both adult and pediatric patients in cardiac arrest simple.

Designed with perpetual readiness in mind, Mindray includes long-life consumables and an Internet-of-Things device that remotely monitors the AED’s condition. This makes their devices the first choice for public access.

Efficient, intelligent management system

From a stability perspective, AEDs must be ready when needed, not just on the day of equipping, Mindray has equipped AEDs with the Internet of Things equipment that allows program managers to view and manage the equipment status and condition of each AED device remotely. Such an efficient remote management system helps administrators track and manage consumables such as electrode pads and batteries. This will greatly ensure the stability and suitability of the AEDs.

Return of Safety and Health

The greatest return on investment an AED (automated external defibrillator) can provide is the lives it saves. All Mindray’s AEDs are embedded with proven core technology, and each model has features that provide a range of solutions for a variety of environments. Check the detailed information about Mindray’s reliable AEDs products at their official website!

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