Introducing the Basic Elimination Concept

Farmer foods are unnatural

In Stone Age times there were no cereal products such as bread (from wheat); dairy produce was unknown beyond infancy; and stimulant drinks (such as tea and coffee), sugar and other modern foods of course did not form part of this very healthy diet. We are not programmed by genes to deal with these items. Yet today we consume predominantly cereal foods (bread, cakes, cookies, pastry, and so on), dairy produce (milk, butter, cream, cheese and yoghurt), sugar, eggs and stimulant drinks, which do not belong in Man’s diet and are therefore unnatural, whatever you may have heard to the contrary.

I call these “farmer foods” and they have been in our diet only since the development of agriculture around 10,000 years ago; this is a blink of the eye in evolutionary terms. It would therefore not be surprising if eating as we do tended to cause ill health. Adverse reactions to foods would occur in direct proportion to the level of farmer foods in our diet, and that seems to be precisely what has happened: the less ‘biological’ food we eat, such as meat, fruit and vegetables, the more illness we are prone to.

The grass family

I have an even more contentious observation to point out to those steeped in false science: many patients report that they can eat white bread but cannot tolerate whole meal. This is not quite as paradoxical as it first sounds: white bread is little more than powdered fluff, with the “whiteness” refined out of it. Only eating the whole grain product brings on symptoms. While there are certain helpful nutrients in wheat germ, it can hardly be a safe food for those who are made ill by it. Just another reverse-truth discovered by actual observation not theories.

Milk is poison

Milk is another diet impostor. To listen to all the propaganda you would get the impression that anyone who didn’t drink at least a pint of it a day was inevitably doomed to ill health. In fact, the opposite is probably true: millions of humans drink no milk at all and experience no deficiencies as a result, but a great many are made sick, without knowing it, by a milk allergy and intolerance. Children suffer particularly in this respect. Pumped full of milk to ‘do them good’, many are victims of severe milk allergy and so are constantly poorly with sore throats, runny noses, earache, ‘teething troubles,’ colic and a whole host of other childhood complaints which magically disappear when that substance is removed from their diet. The fact is that milk is not a natural food: no animal in nature drinks milk after its infancy, and it is completely illogical to suppose that Man must be different.

The adulteration of food

But we have been eating cereals and milk for centuries, you say. True. And probably this has enabled most of us to tolerate such foods, all other things being equal. But additional factors have now been brought into the equation. Look at what has been happening to food in the last fifty years, especially the last twenty-five: now we have chemical food additives. Most of these have come into use only since the last World War, yet in just a few decades this adulteration of our basic foods has reached absurd proportions. Take a walk round any supermarket and look at the products on the shelves: it is almost impossible to buy simple, plain food.

There are added colorants, emulsifiers, preservatives, flavor enhancers and scores of other alien ingredients that no one has had time to adapt to. But before we consider those in a little more detail, do remember toxic substances, such as insecticides and fertilizers that are sprayed onto crops before harvesting and eating and chemicals administered to livestock before slaughter for meat. There is a vast array of chemicals in the armament of the modern farmer or market gardener, almost all of which are as inimical to human life as they are to six-legged forms.

Should I eat organic?

Unfortunately, organic eating remains expensive and ethical products are not always easy to obtain. The picture is now complicated by persistent lobbying by unethical food producers, who have succeeded in getting the laws changed to redefine “organic” as something fake, which suits their wily purposes. Fortunately, I have got the majority of my patients well eating normal commercial supplies of foodstuffs. It is unquestionably more convenient. To be really safe is a very complex issue and I finding that it becomes somewhat overwhelming for the average individual.

Did you know for example, that ethylene (a toxic chemical gas used in blowtorches) is used to force the ripening of apples, bananas and tomatoes? The gas of course contaminates the crop, but would never be listed as an ingredient or a contaminant. The rules simple don’t require it. Most people know that wax is sprayed onto the skin of apples and other fruit to make them more attractive. But did you know many foods are treated with sulfites before being cooked? Again this is not an “ingredient” as such and so you, the consumer, are not going to be warned.

Food additives

Be especially aware of hydrolyzed vegetable protein, which is sometimes passed off as “natural flavorings,” since it comes from vegetables. You should know that the vegetables are treated with an acid soak, followed by caustic soda to neutralize the acid. The end result is a brown sludge that you are expected to believe is “natural.” Other ingredients to look out for are vegetable protein, textured protein, hydrolyzed plant protein, soy protein extract, casein ate and yeast extract.

These disgusting products are added to a huge variety of foods, from canned tuna to baby food. Yes, baby food! This is despite the fact that it is known that the immature nervous system is especially vulnerable to these bandit food ingredients. Don’t get fooled by the quantities either, or believe they are safe. There is enough monosodium glutamate in a single bowl of commercially available soup to raise a child’s blood glutamate beyond that required to cause nerve damage in immature animals.

Last word

Spurlock conducted an experiment on himself, which he documented with film footage, to measure the health impact of eating three meals a day for thirty days at McDonald’s. He gained twenty-five pounds. Worse than that: within a few days of beginning his diet of cheeseburgers, fried and chocolate shakes, Spurlock, a healthy thirty-three-year old, was vomiting out the window of his car, and doctors who examined him were shocked at how rapidly Spurlock’s entire body deteriorated. His liver became toxic, his cholesterol shot up from a low 165 to 230, his libido flagged and he suffered headaches and depression.

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