What is blocking? Game rules and good tips to play blocking well

What is blocking? Defending is one of the popular card genres in Vietnam, attracting millions of players from all over the country. When it comes to blocking, people often think of stressful, dramatic and challenging card games. But card game is not simply a card game, it is also a form of communication, entertainment and showing off the player’s talent. Let’s Liên Minh OKVIP Learn about what blocking is through the following article.

What is blocking?

What is a card game – a popular card game in Vietnam, originating from To Tom card game. This game has two main versions: Chan Cu Tu for 4 players and Chan Quy Ngu for about 5 players. However, shielding the pumpkin is the form chosen by most people.

In this game, the deck of cards is reduced compared to Shrimp’s Nest, leaving only 100 cards instead of 120 cards. Specifically, the omitted cards include old, ten thousand,ladder, one text and one book.

Each card in the card is represented through an image and distinguished by the face in the lettering at the top of the card. At the same time, the rules for naming cards are also very strict. The card numbers are represented by the words “two”, “to three”, “four”, “five”, “six”, “seven”, “to eight”, “nine”. After the numbers, there are the words “literature”, “van” and “book”. It should be noted that the letters always come before the numbers. In total, the blocking card consists of 8×3 = 24 cards, each card has 4 cards, that is 24×4 = 96 cards.

What are the terms used in blocking?

In blocking, there are some important terms that players need to understand to avoid misunderstandings and lost opportunities in the game.

Lead door: This is your door that is prioritized to win and hit, being proactive. Lead doors are also doors where you can prioritize buzzing.

Jacket cards: These are 23 cards used to pick up the lower hand when you cannot win on the upper hand.

Chiu: This is the case when you have 3 cards that are the same in both suit and row. If a 4th card appears, regardless of whether it was drawn or played by the player, you can still playchit eat or cry.

Chiu u: Similar to chiu, but the chiu piece is also the piece you will use to make buzzing.

Stealing: This is the case where there is 1 shield on the card, you lower it and make 2definitely alike.

Boon: Similar to eating beef,But The piece that steals is also the piece you will use to bully.

Thien Khai: This is the case where there are 4 cards on the deck that are identical in both row and suit.

What are the regulations in blocking?

There are two forms of block play, depending on the number of players participating in the first game. Among them, Chan Quy Tu is the most popular form of card playing, and there are usually 4 players participating. In this game, the number of cards will be divided equally among each person, each person will receive 19 cards. The remaining cards after being dealtwill placed in the center of the game, called the Venom.
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What is the way to deal cards?

In playing block, the cards will be divided into 5 parts by the dealer in the floor. After dealing, each player will take these 5 odd cards and combine them with any part of the card to form a pile. Card combinations can be flexible, or the winner of the previous game can be the one to combine. Next, a card from the pilevenom will be randomly drawn and turned over to place in any of the remaining 4 decks, creating the main deck.

Then, to determine the first blocker and divide the cards, the player must draw cards. Specifically, the four blocking players correspond to positions 1, 2, 3 and 4, arranged from left to right and ensuring player number 2 and player number 4 sit diagonally from each other. Player number 2 will draw, and if the card drawn is seven thousand, it will be counted from B as 1, to D as 7.

The remaining players will be dealt cards around the main card. The card on the right of the dealer will be dealt to the player in position 1 (at this time player number 4 will get the card on the right of the person with the dealer), the next part will be dealt to the player in position. position 2, and the player in position 3 will be dealt the left hand of the dealer.

How to play card game

In playing cards, there are basic actions that players can perform as follows:

Lead door: This is the door calculated from left to right, representing the door of the player who has priority to win.

Pick the Pot: The act of drawing a card from the Deck (the pile in the center) and turning that card over in the lead.

Hit: The act of combining two lower cards and one upper card to form a Club or Straight.

High: The act of taking the lower card when there are three identical cards and there is also a similar card below the high.

Buzz: Action when a player has a total of 19 cards, including captured cards, combined with a card drawn from the Venom (it doesn’t matter which player draws) to form 10 sets of Jacks. or Chan.

Understanding and using these actions will help players grasp the priority of taking, create Ca and Chan sets, as well as take advantage of the opportunity to reach Buzz in the game of Chan.

The above article is a summary of information about what playing cards is and instructions on how to play, along with related regulations, that we want to share with you. We hope that this information will help you gain more experience when playing cards atOKVIP and brought home many of the most valuable awards.

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