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O An Quan is a folk game, associated with the childhood of many generations of Vietnamese people. Currently, this game is considered a unique cultural feature of the nation. How to play O Quan Quan It’s not too complicated, so anyone can easily participate. Join Trang chủ New88 to learn more details about how to play this childhood game.

What is a mandarin umbrella?

O An Quan is a popular folk game in Vietnam, passed down by generations of ancestors. This game is organized for 2 – 4 participants to play flexibly. Mandarin dining umbrellas use extremely familiar materials such as pebbles, gravel,… quite easy to find in the countryside.

That’s why this game is also known by people in all three regions. Each participant has the task of capturing as many mandarins as possible to win the match. How to play O Quan Quan It’s quite simple so children as young as 5 years old can play it.

O An Quan is a long-standing Vietnamese game

Detailed rules of O An Quan game

You will be the winner if you have more stones. The most common rule of the game is that 1 quan will be converted into 5 – 10 people. In addition, depending on each region, there are different changes. Below will be the information for the 2-player table for everyone to learn:

2-player table

The 2-player table has an extremely simple design, consisting of 12 cells, of which 10 are rectangular squares and 2 are arc-shaped. You can draw the shape of the board using chalk, stones, etc. extremely easily. Everyone will practice drawing a rectangle first, then proceed to draw 2 half arcs to get the result. How to play O Quan Quan This is also extremely familiar and widely used.

Quan plays

The number of pieces playing Quan Quan will depend on the participants’ regulations. Usually people will play with 5 pieces in each citizen box and 10 pieces in each Quan box. The total of these pieces will be 70 pieces in total. You can take stones such as: pebbles, stones,… to make playing pieces.


To be able to know How to play O Quan Quan then everyone must know how to arrange the pieces. We will divide the total number of gravel and rocks according to regulations into each square box first. The number of pieces in each square will be calculated and agreed upon by everyone. Then it will be divided into arc-shaped cells to make the mandarin box, usually this box will be twice the size of the civil box.
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With a 2-player table, each participant will sit on both sides of the table. Players need to clearly understand the number of troops on their side sitting in the boxes. Then there will be rock, paper, scissors to determine who will participate first.

Information about the rules of O An Quan that everyone should know

CPlaying O Quan Quan buteatalsoshouldknow

Can say, How to play O Quan Quan Extremely simple, easy to understand for even children as young as 5 years old. When participating, you will need to learn how to play this game to be able to win. The game will begin immediately after everyone has finished arranging their pieces and conducting rock, paper, scissors.

The winner of rock-paper-scissors will be the one who gets to start picking up the pieces first. You will proceed to choose 1 of the 5 squares on your side to spread your troops. Each cell will receive 1 pill clockwise. You will continue to spread until you come across an empty box, then you can take the next box and stop.

The game continues like this until there are no more pieces on the table. At this time, the number of pieces will be counted to see who can win. You need to know the information clearly How to play O Quan Quan This before entering the game.

How to play Quan Quan with a table larger than 2 people

A 2-person table is a popular way to play this game, easily chosen by everyone. However, you can organize a game for 3 or 4 people. How to play O Quan Quan of these types is similar to the 2-person table, only the table layout is different.

3-player table

The 3-player table will be designed into a triangle with 15 squares and 3 corner boxes as mandarins. Each side will have 5 citizen tiles and 1 mandarin tile and is held by the player. Each person will sit on one side of the triangle to control their position.

TheHow to play O Quan Quan other that you can join

4-player table

The 4-player table will have a square shape with 20 citizen cells and 4 official cells in the 4 corners. How to play O Quan Quan 4 people or game rules are similar to the 2 forms above.


O An Quan is a folk game that everyone should learn and preserve this beautiful culture. How to play O Quan Quan wasthey I disseminate information through the above article. Everyone, please follow New88’s next articles to update many useful things.

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