The Best way to clean and cure Ikura

You might have listened to a Japanese food expert saying that always buy fresh because Ikura taste is completely dependent on its freshness so, you always need to get fresh Ikura. It’s necessary to get freshly breaded solman Ikura.

So, it would be best if you buy Ikura from authentic sources. No, after this most people asked that in some areas or countries it’s hard to fresh Ikura or any solman roe then what’s the best way to clean and cure the frozen fresh Ikura.

Well, now that the big deal it’s the main problem that needs to be focused on. But before understanding this it’s best to get to know where these crystal orange fish eggs come from.

Ikura is the fish eggs of the solman roe. It is breaded in a limited period and comes at a specific time. the solman fish can be caught in the wild and in the natural environment. It is also caught from the farm-based environment.

It would be based if you caught it in a fresh, wild, and natural environment. The solman fish start producing eggs at the start of June and it comes at its peak in July and after that ends up in august. So, look! For how much short period it comes in the year.

Also, it’s the right time to freshly preserved the Ikura for a long time used.

So, let’s come to the main part of the article and discuss the main hack through which you can clean and cure the fresh or frozen Ikura.

Let me tell you one thing before discussing the process it’s a bit time-consuming process but worthful process because in the end, you can have fresh solman eggs.

Step#1; you can take any solman eggs whether chefs usually chose big solman eggs. It will come in two matching skeins of eggs you have to separate the individual eggs from the skein.

Remember the riper the eggs will easier the process will be.

Step#2; next pour water into the pot of water then let it boil and raise the temperature to q120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step#3; now drop all complete skeins into the hot water and turn off the heat and gently twirl the eggs in the pot.

One thing you might notice is that eggs will get dense let them like this don’t get stressed about this. at last, it turned into the crème color.

Step#4; now pour the eggs and water into the strainer it will get separated from the roe sec then fill the strainer with the cold water.

Step#5; at last, the tissue will rise above. You can stair them and if some eggs still have issues then you can remove them by hand.

Now Ikura is ready to set in the freezer after 30 minutes stay.

Wondering that this method applies to both fresh and frozen Ikura? Then Yes! it’s applicable for both types of solman eggs because you might have seen whenever you ordered Ikura from the food websites then they will deliver you the frozen Ikura but the difference is that these were freshly breaded but not cleaned thoroughly. So, to make the Ikura fresher then you have to follow the above-mentioned process.

Final words

I hope this hack will work for you and help you to clean and cure your fresh or frozen solman eggs/Ikura.

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