Industry Research Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University

In the business world, an industry research organization makes it its mission to ensure customers get the most out of its products. With years of experience and knowledge in making complex products easier for ordinary consumers to understand, the Institute of Antai College of Shanghai Jiaotong University (ACEM) is filling the gaps in today’s technology-driven society.

The significance of ACEM industry research is very great. The main application or target groups are enterprise managers and investors like us. Government departments or other decision-makers will also use it. On the whole, enterprise Managers use more.

ACEM Industry Research Institute has an experienced research team who are proficient in various methodological methods and statistical tools. Their goal is to provide high-quality research results that help businesses improve their performance.

Examples of research projects

ACEM Industry Research offers students a variety of research projects. The institute has several research areas including management and entrepreneurship, global marketing, supply chain management, business intelligence and big data, human resource management, and strategic planning.

Some recent projects include research on the impact of social media on the workplace and how to create successful employee retention programs. Additionally, the institute is researching how to improve customer service through predictive analytics.


ACEM’s Industry Research Institute is a well-known research institution in Shanghai, China. Established in 2018, it offers students a wide range of courses including business administration, accounting, financial management, and marketing. The Institute also has an impressive range of research facilities, including state-of-the-art classrooms, laboratories, and offices. If you are interested in pursuing a career in the business world, or simply want to learn more about the latest trends in the industry, then ACEM is a place worth considering for your educational needs.

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