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Revolutionizing Genetic Research: Tsingke’s Standard Gene Synthesis Service

In the rapidly advancing field of genetic research, Tsingke Biotech is revolutionizing the process of obtaining target genes with its cutting-edge Standard Gene Synthesis service. By offering a streamlined alternative to traditional molecular cloning methods, Tsingke provides researchers with personalized synthesis plans tailored to diverse lengths and application requirements. With a commitment to prompt delivery and unrivaled sequence accuracy, Tsingke has become the preferred partner for top research institutions worldwide, empowering scientific breakthroughs.

Customized Synthesis Plans for Diverse Requirements

Tsingke’s Standard Gene Synthesis service understands the unique needs of each research project. Researchers can rely on personalized synthesis plans that cater to various lengths and application demands. Whether it’s short gene fragments or longer sequences, Tsingke’s team of experts collaborates closely with researchers to design customized plans that meet their exact specifications. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology and advanced algorithms, Tsingke ensures accuracy and efficiency throughout the synthesis process.

Guaranteed Delivery of Accurate Plasmids with Unmatched Precision

Time is of the essence in scientific research, and Tsingke recognizes the importance of prompt and reliable delivery. Researchers providing the DNA sequence for synthesis can expect the delivery of the ideal plasmid containing their target gene. Tsingke’s stringent quality control measures include rigorous verification of 100% sequence accuracy using Sanger sequencing and NGS (Next-Generation Sequencing). This commitment to precision ensures that researchers receive error-free results and can proceed with confidence in their experiments. Tsingke’s Standard Gene Synthesis service establishes itself as a trusted partner, offering unparalleled accuracy and reliability.


Tsingke Biotech’s Standard Gene Synthesis service is at the forefront of revolutionizing genetic research. By providing streamlined synthesis plans tailored to individual research needs, Tsingke empowers researchers to explore the depths of genetic inquiries. With guaranteed delivery of accurate plasmids and a commitment to unmatched sequence precision, Tsingke has earned the trust of top research institutions worldwide. Join Tsingke in pushing the boundaries of scientific exploration, leveraging the power of Standard Gene Synthesis to unlock new possibilities and drive transformative discoveries.

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