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Revolutionizing DNA RNA protein synthesis with Advanced DNA/RNA Synthesis

Tsingke Biotech Co., Ltd., a leader in the biotechnology sector based in Beijing, has consistently set benchmarks in the field of DNA and RNA synthesis. With its state-of-the-art facilities and a relentless dedication to innovation, Tsingke is transforming the landscape of genetic research, especially in the specialized area of DNA RNA protein synthesis.

Innovating DNA RNA protein synthesis through Cutting-Edge Technology

DNA RNA protein synthesis is critical for various applications in genetic research, including cloning, sequencing, and amplification. Tsingke’s advanced approach to DNA RNA protein synthesis leverages their extensive R&D capabilities and sophisticated production technologies. The company’s 12,000 square meter R&D facility, combined with a 100,000 Grade clean production workshop, ensures that every primer is synthesized to meet the highest standards of quality and specificity.

Tsingke’s dedication to providing high-quality, reliable synthetic genomics products and services has made it a preferred partner for academic institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and biotechnology firms around the world. Their DNA RNA protein synthesis services are meticulously tailored to support precise genetic analysis and research, enabling breakthroughs in complex projects that demand exacting standards.


As Tsingke continues to enhance its capabilities and expand its reach in the field of biotechnology, its impact on genetic research grows increasingly significant. With a robust foundation in DNA RNA protein synthesis and a wide array of other genetic services, Tsingke is not just participating in the global biotechnology industry; it is leading it. For researchers and institutions looking for unparalleled expertise in DNA RNA protein synthesis and more, Tsingke represents a partner that can truly drive innovation and discovery in any genetic research endeavor.

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