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Improve Your Caravan Experience with DNL’s Heavy Duty Jockey Wheel

In the world of caravan enthusiasts, the search for a reliable and heavy duty jockey wheel for caravan is a quest for smoother travels and efficient maneuverability. Enter DNL, the trusted manufacturer with over two decades of expertise in crafting top-notch trailer parts and accessories. For those seeking the pinnacle of strength and durability, DNL presents the JK70-RT250Z, a heavy-duty jockey wheel designed to redefine your caravan experience.

Discovering the JK70-RT250Z

At the heart of DNL’s offerings is the JK70-RT250Z, a heavy-duty jockey wheel with a static loading capacity of up to 500kgs. Crafted with precision, this jockey wheel boasts hot-dip galvanization, ensuring high corrosion resistance and longevity. The steel rim, coupled with a rubber wheel measuring 250x80mm, guarantees reliable performance, making it the ideal companion for your caravan adventures.

Innovative Design for Ease

DNL’s commitment to innovation is evident in the JK70-RT250Z’s design. The foldable crank, a testament to ingenious engineering, not only saves space in its retracting state but does so without a clicking noise, ensuring a quiet and efficient operation. The ergonomic knob adds another layer of convenience, providing users with an effortless and fatigue-free experience. The concise bracket, a bright point of innovation, enhances the wheel’s strength with a simple yet robust design.

Application Across the Board

The JK70-RT250Z is not just a jockey wheel; it’s a versatile solution for various trailers. Whether it’s a box trailer, horse trailer, flat trailer, caravan, livestock trailer, or commercial trailer, this heavy-duty companion proves its mettle in diverse applications. Its tri-corn rim design ensures stability, making it a reliable choice for caravan enthusiasts with a keen eye for quality.


In conclusion, DNL’s JK70-RT250Z is more than a heavy-duty jockey wheel; it’s a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence. Elevate your caravan adventures with a jockey wheel that combines strength, innovation, and versatility. Trust DNL to redefine your journey with trailer parts that go beyond expectations.

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