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YES TECH LED Screen for Stage Rental: Elevate Performances with MG Creative-Extended Series

Transform your stage into a visual masterpiece with the YES TECH LED screen for stage rental, featuring the MG Creative-Extended Series. This series, including the MG11, MG12, and MG13, offers innovative display options such as right-angle and triangle configurations, enabling the creation of captivating and unique shapes to enhance your stage presentations.

MG Creative-Extended Series

The MG Creative-Extended Series by YES TECH is designed to redefine stage displays, providing unparalleled flexibility and creativity. This series is crafted to elevate performances by introducing dynamic and unconventional visual elements.

MG11 Right-Angle Display

Make a bold statement with the MG11, offering a right-angle display. This configuration adds a unique and striking dimension to your stage, capturing the audience’s attention with a visually engaging and contemporary presentation.

MG12 Triangle Display

Introduce a touch of geometry to your stage with the MG12’s triangle display. This innovative shape enhances the visual appeal, creating a dynamic backdrop that complements various performances, from concerts to theatrical productions.

MG13 Creative Shapes

The MG13 from the Creative-Extended Series takes creativity to new heights by allowing for various custom shapes. From circles and letters to numbers and intricate designs, this display empowers you to craft a stage setup that matches your artistic vision.


In conclusion, the YES TECH LED screen for stage rental, featuring the MG Creative-Extended Series, is a game-changer in the world of stage displays. With right-angle, triangle, and custom shapes, this series offers endless possibilities for creative expression, allowing you to make a lasting impact on your audience. Elevate your stage performances with the innovative and dynamic solutions provided by YES TECH.

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