Concept and Types of Monobloc Heat Pumps

Concept of monobloc heat pump

A monobloc heat pump is a heating device that runs on electricity and is capable of using low-grade heat energy. The heat pump’s thermal efficiency typically exceeds 300%–400%, which means that 1 kWh of electricity transports at least 3–4 kWh of electricity. It is practically pollution-free and has a thermal efficiency that is many times larger than that of direct-heating gas and electric water heaters. Therefore, one of the most crucial ways to firmly encourage energy saving and emission reduction and assist in the global effort to “peak carbon and neutralize carbon” is through the promotion of heat pumps. The three categories of regularly utilized heat pump available today are air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps, and water source heat pumps.

  1. Air source heat pump

The “inverse Carnot” cycle theory governs how air source heat pumps operate. In order to produce hot water, the compressor system absorbs heat from the air.

  1. Ground source heat pump

The surface temperature is kept at 16–18 degrees throughout the year (depending on the location), which is higher than the outdoor temperature in winter and lower than the outdoor temperature in summer. As a result, the ground source serves as both a cool and a heat source. The working efficiency of air conditioning is greatly increased by the ground source heat pump system, which not only overcomes the technical limitations of conventional air conditioning systems.

  1. Water source heat pump

The groundwater, rivers, and ponds that have absorbed solar and geothermal energy are used to create the shallow water sources that makeup water source heat pumps, which are low-grade thermal energy sources. A small amount of high-level electrical energy is used in a technique to achieve the conversion of low-level thermal energy to high-level thermal energy using the heat pump principle.


Air source heat pumps are now the most developed, affordable, and simple to implement, and are typically the most favorable to widespread popularization. And Poolworld can offer you high-quality monobloc heat pumps with favorable prices. If you are interested in it, please feel free to contact us!

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