Submit your website (Search Engine Optimization)

Why you should submit your website

You don’t get high search engine rankings just by submitting your website to search engines. That is very important to know.

  1. You invite search engines to visit your website

When you submit your website URL to a search engine, you basically ask the search engine spiders to visit your website and to evaluate it. If the search engine spiders cannot find anything useful on your site, they won’t list your website.

It doesn’t make sense to submit your website to search engines if you haven’t optimized it before.

  1. You get links from related websites

By submitting your website to Internet directories, you can get back links from related web pages.

Usually, the category pages on Internet directories are considered related web pages if your website fits in the selected category. For example, if you sell shoes then you have a link from a related web page if your website is listed in the “Shoes” category on an Internet directory.

Back links can greatly increase the search engine rankings of a website if the links contain the right keywords and if the links come from related web pages. For that reason, links from Internet directories can have a very positive effect on the search engine rankings of your website.

Quick overview

The different areas of the submission window:

  1. Select the search engines to which IBP should automatically submit your website.
  2. Start the auto-submitter.
  3. Start the semi-automatic submitter to submit your websites to even more search engines and other submission sites.
  4. Create a submission report.
  5. Edit the information that IBP will use for the submission.

Google can be found in the semi-automatic submitter because Google requires you to login to a Google account before submitting a site.

IBP’s semi-automatic submitter

IBP’s semi-automatic submitter is a powerful tool that helps you to submit your website as quickly as possible to the following resources.

  • Search engines that require an account or a validation code (for example
  • Internet directories.
  • High quality submission sites that will link to your site.
  • Your own directory lists.


IBP makes the submission process as easy as possible: IBP automatically enters as much information as possible in the submission form. You just select the best category and click the Submit button.

By being listed in the best possible category and it will attract as many visitors as possible and you will get a link from a related web page. As most submission sites offer many categories, this process cannot be fully automated if you want to get high quality results. IBP makes it as easy as possible.

Semi-automatically submit to search engines

Click on a search engines category to open the corresponding section. For example, to view all Australian search engines that are supported by IBP’s semi-automatic submitter, click on Search Engines > Australian Search Engines.

Click on the name of search engine in the list. IBP will go to the submission page and fill out the form for you.

Add missing information (for example a validation code, if needed) and click the Submit button. That’s all there is to it. Then proceed with the next search engine in the list.

How to create content

This tutorial will help you to create content for the different submission sites. You can turn one piece of content into several different content types.

1: Write a short article

You need content that you can submit to other websites. Start with a well written article that contains 300-500 words. Focus on a single topic and target a specific keyword in the article.

Start by submitting that article to article directories. Here are some tips for writing good articles.

  • Make the article headline as catchy as possible. Articles that contain “How to” or numbers (“10 things that…”) usually work well.
  • Start with a short introduction. Explain the problem that you will discuss in your article.
  • Discuss several solutions to the problem in the body of the article. Keep the paragraphs short. If possible, use bullets and sub-headings.
  • End your article with a brief summary and with a call to action.

Last word

Note that search engine submission is the least important step in search engine optimization. Search engine submission used to be important but it isn’t anymore today. It is much more important to have optimized web pages and good back links. Without optimized web pages and good back links a website cannot get high rankings and search engine submission is totally pointless.

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