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What You Should Know About OPS Computer

OPS computer is a specification created by Intel and display manufacturers that allows for the creation of digital signage interfaces. In this article, we’ll find out what OPS computer brings to the table for both consumers and businesses!

What is the OPS computer?

Open Pluggable Specification, referred to as OPS computer, is an open pluggable computer specification formulated by INTEL for electronic whiteboards, digital signage, advertising media, and touch all-in-one computer industries.

Features of OPS computers

  1. Digital signals for easier installation, use, and maintenance.
  2. Make digital signage devices smarter and more integrated.

Functions of OPS computers

  1. Computer modules that support the latest OPS specifications in digital signage and other industries, and accelerate the standardization trend of the digital signage industry.
  2. The OPS module can simplify the installation, use, maintenance, and update of equipment, helping digital signage manufacturers reduce development and implementation costs.
  3. OPS can be easily networked with other devices, expand the application of digital signage, and meet the needs of digital signage for interaction and application updates.


The OPS computer is important in making the design, deployment, and management of digital signage and other display solutions more cost-effective. If interested, be sure to check out SmartMoreInside!

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