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Tianlong: Leading the Way in Nucleic Acid Testing Instruments and Reagents

Welcome to the world of Tianlong, where groundbreaking advancements in nucleic acid testing instruments and reagents are revolutionizing the field of diagnostics. In a time when accurate and efficient testing has never been more crucial, Tianlong stands at the forefront, leading the way with their cutting-edge technologies. Join us as we delve into their extraordinary journey and discover how they are shaping the future of healthcare through innovation and reliability. Get ready to be inspired by Tianlong’s remarkable achievements that continue to pave the path for an era of unparalleled scientific breakthroughs!

Introduction to Tianlong

Tianlong is a company that was founded in 1997 and has since become a leader in the research and development of nucleic acid testing instruments and reagents. Their product line includes nucleic acid extractors, PCR thermal cyclers, real-time PCR systems, automatic nucleic acid workstations, and compatible kits for extraction and detection. They have received over 70 approvals from the China NMPA and more than 120 international approvals and certifications in countries such as the United States, the European Union, and South Korea. Their products are used in various fields, including clinical diagnostics, epidemic prevention and control, food safety, and scientific research. During major disease outbreaks such as COVID-19, avian influenza, and Ebola, Tianlong and its products have played a crucial role in disease prevention and control.


Tianlong is a leader in the nucleic acid testing instruments and reagents research field. Their products are designed to make it easier for researchers to perform accurate and high-quality tests, helping them get reliable results quickly. With advanced technology, an experienced team of scientists, and top-notch customer service, Tianlong is committed to providing its customers with superior products at competitive prices. If you’re looking for solutions that can help your lab achieve maximum efficiency in nucleic acid testing procedures, look no further than Tianlong!

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