The Myths of Nutritional Medicine

Four big secrets to healthy eating

The list could go on and on. This does not even take into account that most physicians have never even heard of the problem of genetic variations leading to individual unique food incompatibilities. I’m sure you’ve got the point. Nonsense at this level is passed ’round and ’round and repeated so often that it has become accepted as “scientific” and therefore true.

Nor are doctors the only ones who are guilty of ignorance and disinformation. The major secrets I will reveal to you in this book are largely unknown or disregarded by other health workers too, each with their own axe to grind. There are an astonishing number of allergy “experts” out there, offering advice and treatment, who have never been through med school, and many of them, from what I read, have not even studied basic physiology.

I’m going to let you in on the two biggest secrets to healthy eating that I know. I’m doing it now, rather than tease, so that you can begin to re-align everything you know or have read, or think you know, with what follows in this book, while bearing these important revolutionary facts in mind.

Ultimate Diet Principle 1

Similarly, if you follow the dietary recommendations of someone who has not heard of food allergy or genetic food incompatibility, you may find yourself feeling worse. Whereas some foods are commoner allergies than others, I have patients allergic or intolerant to every single so-called healthy food you could name: lettuce, bananas, fish, apples, tomatoes, whole wheat, herbal teas and all the rest of the healthy foods that are supposed to be good for you.

I have yet to see a popular diet book that even acknowledges this crucial health factor, let alone makes allowance for it. That’s why this book is important: it fills a vital gap in knowledge. The exact mechanism of incompatibility is not important to this key understanding. I am not confining my remarks to food allergies, intolerance or any other mechanism.

Nor is it necessary, for the success of this plan that you identify why you do not tolerate the food. The important step is to identify such stressor foods and remove them from your diet. You will benefit immediately from increased well being, zest and health. Many chronic symptoms you may have become accustomed to and consider almost “normal” will disappear.

Ultimate Diet Principle 2

Those diets that succeed in any degree at all really do so because of Principle 1 often inadvertently and without anyone being aware of the real reason. By following a suggested eating plan, the individual must avoid certain foods and the real benefit comes from this exclusion principle. The credit for the recovery is given to the new diet craze and the correct scientific explanation, which I am giving you here in this book, remains obscure. For example: you may have heard of the “food combining” approach to diet. A lot of elaborate theory is put forward as a justification for the ritual of separating morning, midday and evening – your body is supposed to be unable to digest proteins and carbohydrates at the same time, some foods are acid and some are alkaline and other such fake science. These claims are simply not true. The body is geared to digest fats, carbohydrates and proteins, sequentially, in different segments of the alimentary tract.

Ultimate Diet Principle 3

All published set diets make a percentage of people worse because they are forced to eat more of their toxic foods. You can take it as a further “rule” that you just don’t get to hear of these failures! The author of the latest best-selling diet just does not know or does not care about the failures. In true medico-style it is the patient who is blamed: the unlucky individual is shrugged off as “atypical” or just plain difficult.

Ultimate Diet Principle 4

There is only one diet that is right for you and you must figure it out for yourself. You need to know which are your personal toxic foods and avoid those, possibly for life, though there are exceptions to this, as we shall see.

How to work out this crucial knowledge is one of the most important steps you will ever take in regard to your health. The major part of this book is devoted to helping you in this quest for safe, harmonious and user-friendly eating.

Lastly word

This is the ultimate workable plan because it is a custom-fit! Let’s get started with some explanatory theory. In the coming chapters I’ll tell you all you need to know in order to succeed, and probably even more than you need. These ideas are not theoretical but intensely practical, the techniques I myself used every day in my office for over three decades; and everything you will read here has been tried and tested thousands of times. It is a working system, and as such it has a great deal to commend it.

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