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The Benefits Of Fixed Focal Lens For Machine Vision Inspection Systems

Fixed focal lenses are a type of lens that is designed to be used in machine vision inspection systems. The name “fixed” indicates that this type of lens is not adjustable, and is characterized by the fact that it has a fixed focal length and magnification power.

Reasons to Select Fixed Focal Lens for Machine Vision Inspection Systems

– Reduced system complexity: Fixed focal lenses are much simpler in design than zoom or varifocal lenses, and as a result, they are typically less expensive and easier to use. Additionally, because fixed focal length lenses do not require moving parts, they are more reliable and have a longer lifespan.

– Greater depth of field: The depth of field is the range of distances over which an object can be in focus. Fixed focal length lenses have a greater depth of field than zoom or varifocal lenses, making them ideal for inspecting objects at different depths.

– Increased light-gathering ability: The larger aperture of fixed focal length lenses (compared to zoom or varifocal lenses) allows them to gather more light, resulting in better image quality.

– Reduced distortion: Distortion is the aberration that causes straight lines to appear curved. Because fixed focal length lenses have a simple design, they tend to have less distortion than zoom or varifocal lenses.


This article has outlined some of the main benefits of using a fixed focal lens for machine vision inspection systems. By using a fixed focal lens, you can enjoy improved image quality, greater speed and accuracy, and easier system calibration. If you are looking for a high-performance machine vision system for your business, then the products from YTOT Lens should be top of your list.

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