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Super Capacitors and Ultracapacitors from DIN Electronics: Improving New Energy Vehicles

When it comes to cutting-edge technology for new energy vehicles, DIN Electronics is a trusted brand that offers high-quality super capacitors and ultracapacitors. With their innovative solutions, DIN Electronics provides charging power supply, motor control, and DC link filtering in electric and hybrid vehicles. As an industry leader, DIN Electronics ensures compatibility with major vehicle models and delivers superior performance.

Seamless Motor Control with Ultracapacitors

DIN Electronics’s ultracapacitors are at the forefront of motor control technology in new energy vehicles. These ultracapacitors can be seamlessly integrated as motor controllers in both electric (EV) and hybrid (HEV) vehicles, providing efficient and reliable performance. With their advanced features and capabilities, DIN Electronics’s ultracapacitors enable smooth acceleration and precise control, enhancing the overall driving experience.

Compact Design and High Energy Density for Supercapacitors in Electric Vehicles

Super capacitors play a critical role in providing a charging power supply for electric vehicles. DIN Electronics excels in this area by offering super capacitors specifically designed for electric vehicles. These super capacitors feature a compact design and high energy density, maximizing the storage capacity within limited space. With DIN Electronics’s super capacitors, electric vehicles can efficiently store and access energy during charging, ensuring a reliable power supply.


DIN Electronics sets the standard for super capacitors and ultracapacitors in new energy vehicles. With their compatibility with major hybrid and electric vehicle models, DIN Electronics ensures seamless integration and enhanced performance. Their ultracapacitors deliver exceptional motor control capabilities, enabling precise acceleration and driving control. Furthermore, their compact and high-energy-density supercapacitors provide reliable charging power supplies for electric vehicles. Trust in DIN Electronics to deliver high-quality components and drive the future of new energy vehicles. Experience the difference that DIN Electronics brings to the table and elevate the performance of your electric or hybrid vehicle.

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