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Sungrow: Revolutionizing EV Car Charging

Sungrow, the renowned global inverter brand with a rich history spanning over two decades, has taken a remarkable leap into the future by expanding its portfolio to cater to the booming electric vehicle (EV) industry. Among its array of innovative products, Sungrow’s EV car chargers stand out as a beacon of sustainable mobility, offering a seamless charging experience for EV owners. This article delves into Sungrow’s foray into EV car chargers, exploring the features, benefits, and applications.

EV Car Charger Models by Sungrow

Sungrow’s commitment to cutting-edge technology and sustainability extends to its EV car charger offerings. Currently, the brand offers several remarkable models tailored to various charging needs. One of the standout models is the Sungrow AC007/011E-01, which is versatile, reliable, and designed with environmental protection in mind. It is compatible with Sungrow’s 1/3 phase solution, ensuring that it can seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure.

Another notable model is the Sungrow AC007UK-01, which comes pre-mounted with a 7-meter Type 2 charging cable. Its compatibility with standard electric vehicles and integrated safety features make it an excellent choice for both residential and destination charging scenarios.

Sungrow EV Car Chargers: A Sustainable Choice

Sungrow’s EV car chargers are a testament to the brand’s dedication to sustainability. With a focus on low power consumption and energy savings, these chargers are a step towards greener transportation. They go beyond just charging by maximizing the usage of solar energy when integrated with Sungrow’s 1/3 phase solution. This means that EV owners can harness clean, renewable energy to power their vehicles, reducing their carbon footprint.

Applications Across the Board

Sungrow’s EV car chargers find applications in various scenarios. They are perfect for both residential and public use. In residential settings, Sungrow’s EV chargers empower homeowners to maximize the benefits of their solar energy systems. Excess energy generated during the day can be stored and used when needed, making residents more energy-independent.

In public settings, such as commercial areas, supermarkets, shopping malls, and more, Sungrow’s EV car chargers provide convenient and sustainable charging solutions for electric vehicle owners, making it easier for them to embrace clean mobility.


Sungrow’s venture into EV car chargers is a testament to the brand’s commitment to sustainability and innovation. With a range of models to choose from, they cater to diverse charging needs, making EV ownership more accessible and eco-friendly. As the world embraces electric mobility, Sungrow’s EV car chargers offer a bright and sustainable future for transportation.

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