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Real-Time PCR Machine: Important Piece of Lab Equipment

A real-time PCR machine SLAN-96P is a piece of equipment that makes it possible to quickly find and measure particular DNA sequences in a sample. This is significant because it makes it possible to recognize and quantify changes in gene expression across time. Simultaneously interpretation of several experiments is also possible with real-time PCR technology, which can help increase the outcomes’ precision and accuracy.

What is the purpose of a real-time PCR machine?

A real-time PCR machine is an important piece of lab equipment. It enables more accurate and timely measurements, which are beneficial when analyzing intricate biological systems. Genetic mutations can also be detected and tracked using real-time PCR technology.

SLAN®-96P: Accurate Temperature Control

  1. The SLAN®system uses Peltier technology, which has a long service life, no noise or pollution, and the ability to quickly and accurately control temperature changes with an accuracy of 0.1°C;
  2. Multiple-point temperature control technique guarantees consistency across several wells. The accuracy of temperature is guaranteed by temperature correction technology, which also guarantees the accuracy of the test result;
  3. PCR tube temperature-control technology ensures the reagent’s actual temperature precision and enables the SLAN® to adapt to various reactions utilizing various amounts quickly.

PCR technology is valuable for HBV detection.

PCR is a powerful tool for detecting and quantifying HBV DNA in clinical samples. The high sensitivity of PCR means that it can detect very low levels of HBV DNA in samples, making it an ideal method for detecting the presence of HBV infection. In addition, PCR can measure the amount of HBV DNA in a sample, which can be useful for monitoring the progression of HBV infection and treatment. You can check ifvod tv blog to read more information on this topic.


A real-time PCR system is an effective method for identifying specific genes and mutations in a sample. Real-time PCR technology is useful for genetic study because it can swiftly detect mutations and changes in gene expression. SLAN-96P can also be used to assess the purity of a sample, which is beneficial for research.

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