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Key to Success: Applying Pharma Sources’ Trading Platform

Professional active pharmaceutical ingredients distribution enterprise e-commerce business is market bullish. However, as drug manufacturers accelerate the layout, gradually enrich the channel resources and various resources, and improve marketing management experience, coupled with their unique corporate culture, brand influence, production, and R&D advantages, the entire pharmaceutical e-commerce market is still in the early stages of development at the moment, how to use e-commerce to help pharmaceutical companies to improve turnover is the core issue. Today Pharma sources are here to introduce how the one-stop drug trading platform they have built has been successful.

Innovative Pharma Sources Insight

Pharma sources provide not only an online API trading platform but also a platform for merchants to showcase their products. At the same time, Pharma sources also provide an insight section, an electronic compilation of original content from the pharmaceutical industry, for global API manufacturers to exchange technology frontiers and the needs of the times.

In the “Brand Story” section, companies will introduce their strengths and unique products, and share their stories of overcoming difficulties in the research and development process to provide solutions for their customers.

Platform-based Brand New Supply-Demand Model

It is the difference in characteristics between a traditional supply chain and an online platform-based trade supply chain system that makes it possible for even the head enterprises to establish a strong competitive advantage under the traditional supply chain, this advantage is local and will have limitations because it is closed.


Pharma sources, such a one-stop, efficient API trade platform that has characteristics of sharing, flattening, and integration, can greatly enhance the efficiency of the industry chain.

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