Instructions for basic to advanced blocking for beginners

If you are new to the gameblock and want to better understand how to play so you can start participating in this game, please read the article below Trang chủ New88 đăng nhập. This article will provide general knowledge about the blocking game in the easiest way to understand.

1. Detailed rules of the blocking game

The number of players is from 2 to 4 people. Initially, each person will receive 19 cards, the remaining cards will be placed in the middle of the table and are called Nocturnes.

  • The dealer divides the cards into 5 equal parts and leaves 5 leftover cards. These 5 cards will be combined into any part and are called Venom. Next, a random card from Venom will be drawn, face up in any of the remaining 4 cards. That is the main card.
  • The winner will be allowed to play first or can be decided in many different ways, such as having to Pick the card. For example, if there are 4 players A, B, C and D, and B and D sit diagonally from each other. When B draws the cards and draws seven thousand pieces, the counting starts from B until reaching the number 7: BCDABCD.
  • Therefore, D will receive the main card. The remaining three cards will be dealt to each player in the game in order from the right, B’s right part will be dealt to A, followed by B’s part and B’s left part will be dealt to C. .
  • Similar to playing Ta La, Lieng, or Sam, you need to arrange the cards in your deck into the following shapes:
  • Sure: When two cards are the same.
  • Jack: Two cards have the same number but different suits.
  • Three of a kind: Three cards with the same number but different suits.
  • Lame: Odd cards.

1.1 Rules for playing cards and playing trash

  • Priority block taking: To take your opponent’s trash, you need to have a card similar to that card in your hand to form a block.
  • It is forbidden to break the barrier: Once you have formed a barrier, you are not allowed to break it to attack.
  • Do not take after taking a block: If you skip your turn but then the card in your hand matches your opponent’s trash to form a block, you are not allowed to take. Violations will be considered a violation of the law and subject to fines.
  • Priority in taking cards: If there are other cards with cards in the same row, you are not allowed to take cards if you already have cards in that row.
  • Do not take and gamble: Once you have captured your opponent’s card to form a card, you are not allowed to play that card, but must throw it away. If you throw away two cards, you are not allowed to capture them again to create a card, but only to create a shield.
  • It is forbidden to bet when there is only one junk card: If you only have one junk card in your hand, you can go for a blind but you are not allowed to cheat.

1.2 Projection conditions (projection)

The player is allowed to show another card in the hand. When there are 3 cards of the same number and suit in hand. The player can take a card from the mat to form a deck of 4 cards.

In this case, the player does not need to take the card that the opponent plays, but only the card in the hand. After taking the mat, the player must throw away a trash card to return the mat, then the game continues until the end.

1.3 Buzzing conditions

  • When a card is turned up or when the player plays a card so that the total number of cards in the hand and on the table is 19. And create at least 10 pairs of shields or blinds, of which there must be at least 6 pairs of shields.
  • When the player has the ability to buzz, which means when a card is drawn and is considered a “chi” card, the player needs to create at least 6 pairs of shields and 4 pairs of blinds to achieve the condition of buzzing.
  • When the player takes the mat and has 10 pairs of shields or cards.

2. How to block like a master

Each player will be dealt 19 cards, the remaining cards will be placed in the middle of the table as Venom.
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The first player is determined by drawing the card from the Venom and turning over the cards. The number chosen corresponds to the first player. Next, the following games will be played first by the winner of the previous game. When it is their turn, the player can perform the following actions:

  • Lead door: Prioritize playing cards on your door in the correct order of play.
  • Pick Noc: Pick up a card from Noc, place it face up on the lead door.
  • Eat: When there is a card in hand that matches the card the previous player played.
  • Showing and buzzing: When there are conditions to shine or peek.

3. Conclusion

If you are a beginner, understanding the rules and how the game works is the first important step. After doing this, you can focus on improving your fielding skills or learn from experience while participating in games to become a master of the fielding game.

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