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Elevating Audio Excellence: Introducing Panda Plus by ESD Acoustic

The highest model in the prestigious Panda speaker series from ESD Acoustic is called Panda Plus. It is an upgraded version of the well-known Panda speaker line. Panda Plus, with its unmatched sound quality and performance, breaks new ground in the bookshelf speaker market. It is built on a foundation of creativity and precise engineering.With its cutting-edge design and exceptional performance, Panda Plus, the flagship model of the renowned Panda speaker series, redefines the parameters for hifi bookshelf speakers.

Innovative Diaphragm Technology
With Truextent’s state-of-the-art foiled beryllium diaphragms, the Panda Plus from ESD Acoustic offers reduced distortion and increased resolution over more conventional materials. Sound clarity and accuracy are achieved by the use of patented titanium sandwich diaphragms, which are lightweight and durable, hence removing distortion.

Improved Bass Effect
With its dumbbell-style design of two 8-inch titanium sandwich bass field coil units, Panda Plus from ESD Acoustic delivers improved bass performance along with increased sensitivity and more precise imaging. Additionally, this arrangement lessens the need for attenuation on the beryllium tweeter unit, which enhances performance in the high frequencies.

New Advancements in Field Coil Technology
Panda Plus is equipped with field coil power supply that employ artificial intelligence (AI) negative feedback technology to balance out dynamic suppression brought on by eddy currents. The speaker units ensure a smooth listening experience with their strong and effortless sound projection, thanks to their 2.2T magnetic density.

Accurate Handiwork
Panda Plus by ESD Acoustic is made of aero-aluminum and precision CNC machining to reduce sound distortion. Performance is further improved with anti-resonance materials and reinforced linings, which provide remarkable realism and clarity.


ESD Acoustic is carrying on its tradition of pushing the limits of audio technology with Panda Plus. The best hifi bookshelf speakers that created new standards for the sector. Panda Plus speakers offer unmatched sound quality and fidelity thanks to their cutting-edge features, creative design, and expert manufacturing. This makes them the ideal option for discriminating audiophiles looking for the best possible listening experience.

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