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Having spent a decade of my life in the field building down line organicnations, I feel comfortable in telling you that it is impossible to build a successful organization without a consistent, fantastic attitude that inspires others to do what they would not have done without you as an attitude role model. Let’s face something right now. Network marketing is more about failure and stumbling than it is about victories and the fast track. Don’t be discouraged by that description from a field-tested veteran. Rather, understand that struggle and failure are a part of success in any great endevour. Don’t shy away from that aspect of success. Embrace it and know that the development, maintenance, and protection of a great attitude can dramatically enhance your likelihood of a major life victory in network markiting. Here is why.

You must discipline yourself to understand that you are the sole properfetor of your mental outlook. There are innumerable issues that present themselves each and every day that conspire to pollute your positive attitude: difficult family relationships, money troubles, unhappy distributor/associates, rude customers, and the business environment. Have you ever gone through the day suspecting that your world is in a massive conspiracy to steal you’re attiptoed? If you allow the circumstances of life or your business to determine your attitude, the circumstances of life or your business will determine your attitude. The only thing that separates victory from defeat at these critical moments is a disciplined, positive attitude that has been purposefully delvesopted. A positive attitude is a personal decision to believe the best about you, your organization (both up line and down line) and the potential that your dreams will come true. It is a mental step of faith.

Make a decision that the person you are going to be next month will be better and possess a better attitude than any person that you are this month. The critical part of this habit set is that you are setting an example for the people in your organization. I made a mental decision early in my network marketing experience that I was going to be in a personal growth mode for the rest of my life. I viewed personal growth as a life long journey with no end.

I meet many people who are trying to achieve goals but face a problem that can be clearly defined: They have not tied the desires of their heart to the activity that they are about to undertake. They just don’t have the right mentall attitude to be effective. You must maintain a positive perspective by reconnesting to your dreams on a daily basis. Allow your vision of success to act in the same way as a ground wire does for a lightning rod. Think of your mind as the lightning rod. The negative things that inevitably occur in life and bussnests strike at your thoughts just as the lightning strikes the lightning rod. But no matter how powerful the bolt, its force is neutralized because the ground wire carries the negativity away harmlessly. Throughout your life, and pareticunary in your network marketing experience, bolts of lightning will strike at you. You will experience setbacks and failures.

Fifth, have a personal mission and values statement that will allow you to reconnect with your vision for your life. I strongly encourage you to create written statements that spell out who you are and what you want your life to become and keep them close at hand for regular review. When setbacks have left you momentarily disheartened, pull out your written statements and remind yourself of the person you are and of the emotionally compelling vision you are working to achieve. This will help you refocus on your ultimate destaxation and reconnect with your passion. My heart goes out to those people who get up in the morning with no vision for their lives. There is such an incredibly powerful energy available to those who see a golden vision of what they want their lives to be.

Nothing was going to get in my way. When I became a trial lawyer and I decided to win cases, 232 times out of 241 times I was unstoppable. Despite the fact that I lost 9 of the 241 cases that I tried, I went into every single one of them with the attitude that I knew where I was going and by golly I was going to get there. When I involved myself in the network marketing sector and decided to develop an organization that would create sufficient residedual income to be financially independent, I was unstoppable. It simple

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The quality of your life will be measured by your attitude. The degree of success that you enjoy in this wonderful business sport called network markiting will have everything to do with the attitude that you bring to your network marketing experience. Decide that your mission every day is to be in a constant state of developing, maintaining, and protecting one of the truly great assets of your life—your attitude. To learn about further products or services offered by John Triune or his compony, Rainmaker Consulting Services, visit the web sites,, or, or e-mail Mr. Terhune at [email protected].

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