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Coves ting has experienced rapid changes and conceptual upgrades since the launch in 2017. As has been proven, the Cove sting team excels in developing DLT technology, and we strongly believe that providing our software solutions to existing third-party businesses in crypto currency and online trading space will put Coves ting in a more advantageous position rather than offering such products to retail customers directly. B2B partners have an already established user base that can be immediately introduced to Coves ting’s proprietary technology and the COV utility token.

Through B2B partnerships Coveting will reach an increasingly larger users base and automatically create more demand for its native COV token, providing a better value proposition to all token holders while raising brand awareness globally. The model has already proven to be highly successful, and we are confident that focusing on B2B instead of B2C will better align the Coveting business for continued success in the future as the industry expands.

Opportunities for investors

There is a lot to learn for beginners entering the trading world, and mistakes can be costly. With the Coveting copy-trading module, users can copy the best experts in the trading community, and achieve the same returns as the leading traders on the platform. Each investor can diversify their portfolio by following an unlimited amount of different Strategies at the same time.

Such diversification allows users to be uniquely positioned to record gains across multiple trading Strategies and protect themselves against massive losses in any single asset. More importantly, users are always in total control — they can start or finish the following whenever they want. Additional features such as “stop-loss” allows minimizing the maximum drawdown of a strategy that a user follows and protects from potential losses.

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Crypto, FX, Commodities, Indices etc – all markets are supported

Performance results, margin utilization, risk management approach, win/loss ratio and other metrics that Coveting transparently provides to all users — will speak for themselves. As such, every user that demonstrates sustainable trading performance as well as solid risk management can monetize their trading skills and earn income by starting a strategy and receiving success fees from their followers. The more followers they will acquire — the more money they’ll make from profitable trading.

Coveting Copy-trading software supports the majority of all trading assets available on the market today. The platforms allow adjusting the settings and add/remove instruments depending on asset list of the partner platform that will be integrating the Copy-trading technology.

With the features described above, the Copy-trading module creates a synergized marketplace that brings investors, individual traders and experienced asset managers together. It’s a scalable peer-to-peer solution where all parties benefit from the module: successful traders get access to new audiences and sources of additional income, while users get a broad range of trading Strategies to copy, with the ability to analyze historical performance in order to make informed decisions

This tool is available for integration under the white label agreement and is a perfect solution for exchanges and margin trading platforms that want to improve lead generation and boost their revenues. COV token offers exclusive benefits to all platform users and creates a truly user-centric economy.

Last word

Copy-trading module users can easily browse through hundreds of trading Strategies available on the platform, and subscribe to the ones matching their risk appetite. By subscribing, the platform automatically replicates all trades of a chosen Strategy directly into the account of the user, providing a unique peer-2-peer asset management experience without transferring funds to third parties.

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