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Agricultural Lighting Solutions from Hontech Wins

Hontech Wins, established in 2009, specializes in advanced LED lighting for various agricultural applications. With over a decade of experience, the company’s customized agricultural lighting products are tailored to the unique needs of poultry farming, pig farming, mushroom cultivation and dairy cattle rearing.

Poultry and Livestock Lighting Solutions

Hontech Wins provides a wide range of dimmable LED lights and controls for poultry farms and livestock housing. Their IP67 rated fixtures are designed to withstand the high-humidity and harsh conditions present in agricultural facilities. Their agricultural lighting products include dimmable LED tubes, bulbs and light bars in both 230VAC and 48VDC configurations for different farm needs. The IP67 rated poultry lighting and livestock lighting tubes or bulbs from Hontech Wins help farmers optimize various performance metrics. For poultry farms, their agricultural lights can improve weight gain, feed efficiency and egg production. While for pig and dairy farms, Hontech Wins’ agricultural lighting products aim to promote optimal growth, health and productivity of livestock.

Proven Results in Agriculture

For over a decade, Hontech Wins’ focus on R&D and customizing agricultural lighting for different verticals such as poultry, pigs, mushrooms and dairy cattle has helped farmers maximize yields, output quality and efficiency. Their reliable and durable LED lights have become essential tools for agricultural facilities looking to improve operations through optimized lighting conditions.


With a wide portfolio of IP67 rated agricultural lighting tubes or bulbs for various types of farms, Hontech Wins has proven itself as a leader in advanced LED solutions tailored to meet the specialized needs within the agriculture industry.

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