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ACEM’s Industry Research Centers: Driving Business Innovation in China

ACEM‘s extensive network of over 30 research centers serves as a catalyst for collaboration between faculty, students, and the business community. These research centers have a profound impact on academia, offering courses, academic programs, community outreach, published research, and fostering partnerships. This article highlights the significance of ACEM’s industry research (in China) centers with a particular focus on 5 Chinese-overseas joint-venture research centers at Antai College of Economics and Management.

Sino-US Global Logistics Institute

The Sino-US Global Logistics Institute stands as a beacon of excellence, aiming to address key challenges in global logistics. Through collaborative efforts with the Norwegian School of Economics Research Center, ACEM fosters knowledge exchange, pooling expertise from both institutions. The joint research initiatives have yielded remarkable benefits, including innovative solutions, improved industry practices, and enhanced logistical efficiency.

ACEM-NHH Norwegian School of Economics Research Center

The ACEM-NHH Norwegian School of Economics Research Center plays a vital role in advancing economic research and knowledge. This research center facilitates mutual benefits, promoting the exchange of ideas, intellectual resources, and research methodologies between ACEM and the Norwegian School of Economics. Together, they tackle critical economic issues, publish influential research papers, and contribute valuable insights to the field.

ACEM-Michigan Ross Research Center

With a keen focus on business innovation, the ACEM-Michigan Ross Research Center demonstrates the power of collaboration. By joining forces with the prestigious Michigan Ross School of Business, ACEM leverages its research capabilities to drive groundbreaking advancements. The center’s notable research outcomes and contributions have had a transformative impact on various domains of business.

ACEM-Copenhagen Business School Research Center

The ACEM-Copenhagen Business School Research Center serves as a hub for academic collaboration and exchanges. Through strategic partnerships, ACEM and Copenhagen Business School engage in joint research projects, funding applications, and academic conferences. This dynamic collaboration propels innovation, fosters cross-cultural perspectives, and generates insights that shape the future of business.

ACEM-Carlson School of Business Research Center

The ACEM-Carlson School of Business Research Center is a testament to ACEM’s commitment to scientific research and teaching excellence. This research center strengthens the ties between ACEM and the Carlson School of Business, resulting in enhanced faculty training, joint funding applications, and impactful academic projects. By nurturing collaboration, this center pushes the boundaries of knowledge and drives business innovation.


ACEM’s industry research (in China) centers are instrumental in fostering business innovation in China. With a strong commitment to research excellence and international cooperation, ACEM continues to lead the way in business education and development. As these research centers forge valuable partnerships, tackle complex challenges, and produce groundbreaking outcomes, they contribute to the economic growth and transformation of China and beyond. ACEM remains at the forefront of driving innovation, empowering businesses, and shaping the future of the global economy.

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