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IBP checks your rankings with MS Internet Explorer

To get the most accurate results, IBP controls MS Internet Explorer to access search engines. IBP opens real MS Internet Explorer windows outside the visible screen, and it uses real search boxes of the search engines.

IBP does not trick search engines by accessing scripts directly

IBP uses the official search forms and it plays by the rules.

IBP gets 100% accurate results because it gets exactly the same results as a human web surfer.

Search engines cannot distinguish IBP from a human web surfer so they don’t return special pages.

Quick overview

The different areas of the Ranking Manager window:

  1. Click Edit Settings… to specify the URLs and keywords for which you want to perform the ranking check.
  2. Click Start Ranking Check to start the ranking check.
  3. View the results. You can sort the list by clicking on the column headers.
  4. Create a report by clicking the Report image.
  5. Edit the results by clicking the Editor image.

How to check your rankings with IBP’s ranking checker

Click the Rankings image in IBP’s main window to start the Ranking Manager.

If you use the Ranking Manager for the first time, click the Edit Settings button in the toolbar to specify your settings for the ranking check:

  1. Enter your URLs

Click URLs on the left side of the window to open the URLs panel. Enter the URL of your domain in the upper edit field.

If you want to compare your rankings with the rankings of your competitors, enter the URLs of your competitors in the lower edit field.

IBP will then find the following pages: etc.

If you want to check the ranking for a specific web page, enter the full URL. For example, if you only want to check the rankings for the page””, then enter the full URL”“.

Enter your keywords

Enter the keywords for which you want to check your ranking. Only enter search terms that are relevant to your business. Follow the advice in the window to find the best keywords for your site.

We recommend making as few search engine queries at possible. If you haven’t optimized your web pages for hundreds of search terms, you shouldn’t check the rankings for hundreds of search terms.

IBP will enter your keywords on the search engines exactly as you’ve written them in this list. If you surrounded a key phrase with quotes, then IBP will enter these quote characters as well.

Select the search engines

Select the search engines on which you want to check the ranking of your website by ticking the box next to the search engine name. The buttons at the right side of the window help you to quickly select a set of search engines

How to start the ranking check

Click the Start ranking check button in the Ranking Manager to start the ranking check.

IBP will the ranking of your web pages on the selected search engines for your keywords. Depending on how many search engines you selected, this can take some time. IBP will show live results of the ranking check. Click the Stop button if you want to stop the ranking check.

The Maximum number of concurrent connections popup menu in the lower right corner of the window lets you choose how many Internet connections IBP can open at the same time.

The higher the number, the quicker the ranking check. However, you must have a fast Internet connection and a lot of RAM for a high number of concurrent connections. If your computer becomes unresponsive, lower the maximum number of concurrent connections.

Select the report date

Use the two menus at the right side of the window to select the date for which you want to create a ranking report. Only dates on which you performed a ranking check are available in the menus.

If you want to compare the rankings of one date with another, tick the Compare with the ranking of this day checkbox and select the corresponding comparison date.

Customize and save the report

If you use IBP Business, you can click the Report button to customize the report with your own images, fonts, colors and texts. That button also enables you to view and save the reports as a PDF, plain text, web page (.him) and Word document.

Last performance

If no web pages from the entered websites could be found for the entered keywords in the entered search depth on the selected search engines, IBP will also display ” no listing or not tested today yet”. That means that the entered websites currently don’t have rankings for the chosen keywords.

If you are sure that your website is listed for the entered keywords, IBP might not be able to connect to the Internet. IBP uses two different methods to connect to the Internet.

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