Over/under odds 1.75 – Guide to Catching Billions at  New88

Over/under bet 1.75 has been used by many players. But new recruits have little opportunity to learn. Therefore, in this article, bookmaker New88 will send you detailed information about this type as well as the most accurate way to bet.

What is the explanation of the over/under bet 1.75?

First of all, we need to understand that Over/under odds 1.75 is a ratio in the total goal score bet. Accordingly, the bookmaker estimates that the two teams can create about 1.75 goals. However, compared to this bet level in the full match bet, it is quite low. Therefore, people will not apply this parameter in a specific match.

Instead, bookies often use Over/under odds 1.75 to apply to first half bets or shaking bets. The most popular is the first half bet. If we pay attention to the betting table, we will see many matches where the house uses this ratio. Often those confrontations are very attractive when in just a short period of time, so many goals are predicted.

When did Over/Under 1.75 appear?

In today’s soccer betting, over/under bets as well as Asian bets have the most diversity in odds parameters. The bookmaker is required to evaluate the position on the field based on the strength of the two teams. So if you look at it Over/under odds 1.75 often appears in matches where two very strong teams often create many goals or a team that is too strong against a team that is too weak.

However, not every match in these two cases will be shown by the bookie Over/under odds 1.75. It depends on many different factors such as the nature of the confrontation, performance as well as actual combat ability on the field. A team of experienced experts and data analysts is needed for evaluation and statistics.

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Evaluation of  Over/under odds 1.75

When it comes to matches where bookmakers use this ratio in the first half, it will prove to be very attractive. That is, in order to plan for the over option to win, 3 goals are needed, so it will become a very attractive match if followed.

However, to create that condition, teams are required to play offensively, especially in matches between two big teams.

The trend of fans being interested in and following matches has a level Over/under odds 1.75 in the first half was quite a lot. Simply because everyone wants to see a confrontation with many goals created.

When two teams have equal strength and prioritize attacking play, it will certainly be a match rich in expertise and with a lot to talk about.

Example of how to play Over/Under 1.75

We will take an example of a match where this applies Over/under odds 1.75 To understand more about how to play and how to bet. For example, in the first half of the confrontation between two teams A vs B, the bookmaker offers an over/under ratio of 1.75. Besides, the odds for over is 0.98 and under is 0.96, assuming a bet of 100 USD, the amount of money earned in each case is as follows.

  • If you bet on the over in the first half of the match between two teams with 3 or more goals, you will win the full amount of 100 x 0.98 = 98 USD.
  • In case the match has only 2 goals, the house will calculate half as over and half as under.
  • Bet on the under in the first half of the match, if the two teams do not score a goal and only have 1 goal, the under will win the full amount: 100 x 0.96 = 96 USD.

Experts share experiences and effective playing methods

Currently, according to the assessment of football experts, if you play betting Over/under odds 1.75 and applying experience, efficiency increases significantly. Reality has shown this to be completely accurate when veteran players have a higher winning rate than inexperienced rookies. There will be a few factors that fans need to pay close attention to to ensure optimal ability to collect money from the house.

Find out statistical data and past performance

First experience that New88 What I want to talk about is finding out the statistical data and past achievements of each team. Those are the numbers that create the basis for players to choose over or under. For example, when learning about the over/under bet 1.75, we need to know how many goals the two teams have created in previous matches.

When competing directly against each other, it is necessary to count how many goals the first half of past matches usually had. Of course while analyzing about Over/under odds 1.75 It is only statistical, even though it is past data, it still needs to be compared with reality. For example, if the number of bets is not too much and the current form is not high, the under bet has a higher chance of winning.

Update squad information and personnel on both sides

Please objectively evaluate information about the squad as well as the quality of personnel on both sides. For example, do both sides have enough pillars or are there any unfortunate absences?

For the analysis of Over/under odds 1.75 The playing quality of the two teams will affect the outcome of the match quite a lot.

A team can only bring great strength if it has the best people on the field. When the bookmaker offers an over/under ratio of 1 3/4 and the two teams have all the best personnel, an over/under is completely possible.

Football is a highly tactical sportBut People are always considered the decisive factor in victory.

Follow the analysis of football experts

If fans participate Over/under odds 1.75 You should closely follow the analysis of football experts. Currently, in top football matches, there are always analysis and betting sections available. All are done by many experts with extensive experience in this field, they will make many accurate judgments.

Important note when betting on 1.75 Over/Under

Show through the analysis process Over/under odds 1.75 It can be seen that there are very important notes that we need to pay attention to. First, you should only participate at bookmakers that are transparent in compensation issues. This way, the level of safety will be higher and our information will also be fully secured.

Besides, when betting on over/under 1.5-2, you should pay attention to the amount of capital you spend. You should calculate carefully before betting to minimize the risk of losing money. Always prioritize preserving capital before thinking about making a profit.

Currently Over/under odds 1.75 Online betting always helps us witness eye-catching matches. Game portal  New88 https://new889.blue/ highly appreciates the professional quality of confrontations with such odds.

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