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Enhancing Power Transmission Efficiency with ZTT’s MV Power Cables

When it comes to reliable and efficient power transmission, ZTT cable is  trusted in the industry. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of MV power cables, ZTT has established itself as a key player in the market. With a strong commitment to sustainability and a diverse industrial portfolio, ZTT offers high-quality MV power cables that not only meet international standards but also exceed customer expectations. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of ZTT’s MV power cables, highlighting their role in enhancing power transmission efficiency and ensuring a reliable energy infrastructure.

High-Quality Construction and Performance

ZTT’s MV power cables are constructed with utmost precision and attention to detail. The cables feature a choice of conductor materials, including copper or aluminum, with a maximum cross-section of 1000mm². The insulation is made of cross-linked polyethylene, providing superior heat resistance of up to 90℃. To ensure optimal performance, the cables are shielded with metallic screens, such as metallic tapes or wires, and armored with metal tape/wires as per specific requirements. The cables are then covered with extruded PVC (ST2), PE (ST7), or halogen-free (ST8) sheath for anti-corrosion properties. This robust construction guarantees long-lasting durability and efficient power transmission.

Compliant with International Standards and Customization

At ZTT, adherence to international standards is a top priority. The MV power cables manufactured by ZTT meet the rigorous standards of the IEC series, including IEC 60502-2 and IEC 60228. Additionally, ZTT offers the flexibility to manufacture cables according to customer-specific standards, such as ICEA, AS, BS, DIN, and more. This customization ensures that the cables seamlessly integrate into various systems and meet project requirements precisely. Moreover, ZTT’s expertise extends beyond standard offerings, as they can produce XLPE insulated cables with special features like waterproofing, termite protection, rat proofing, and river crossing capabilities.

Reliable Supply and Quick Delivery

With ZTT’s extensive global presence, customers can rely on a consistent supply of MV power cables. ZTT has 54 offices and 12 marketing centers worldwide, enabling efficient distribution and quick delivery to customers across the globe. The company’s five overseas plants in India, Brazil, Indonesia, Morocco, and Turkey further enhance its manufacturing capabilities and support local markets. Leveraging a robust supply chain management system, ZTT ensures that customers receive their orders promptly, minimizing downtime and keeping projects on schedule.


In the fast-paced world of power transmission, ZTT’s MV power cables play a crucial role in ensuring efficient and reliable energy infrastructure. With their high-quality construction, compliance with international standards, and customization options, ZTT’s MV power cables are the go-to choice for businesses seeking optimal performance and longevity. By partnering with ZTT, companies can harness the power of sustainable development and seamlessly integrate these cables into their projects. As a leader in the industry, ZTT continues to drive innovation, delivering power cables that exceed expectations and contribute to a greener and more efficient future.

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