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Empowering Surgical Procedures with Cutting-Edge SMMS Material

Winner Medical stands at the forefront of innovation with their SMMS Surgical Gown, a game-changer in the realm of surgical protection. Crafted from hydrophobic SMMS material, this gown is engineered to provide optimal protection during surgical procedures of moderate duration, involving moderate amounts of body fluids, and presenting a moderate risk of infection.

Blocking Liquids and Bacteria Effectively

Winner Medical’s SMMS Surgical Gown utilizes three-anti-SMMS material, a technological marvel that effectively blocks the penetration of liquids and bacteria. This advanced material not only provides a formidable barrier against potential contaminants but also boasts a certain level of air permeability, ensuring that surgical professionals can work with comfort and ease.

Anti-Blood, Anti-Alcohol, Anti-Grease Treatment

What sets Winner Medical’s SMMS Surgical Gown apart is its triple-layered defense mechanism. The surface of the SMMS material is treated with three antibodies—anti-blood, anti-alcohol, and anti-grease. This innovative approach ensures resistance to common liquids encountered in the operating room, fortifying the gown’s protective capabilities. It’s not just a gown; it’s a shield against potential risks, providing healthcare professionals with confidence in the face of uncertainty.

Exceeding EN13795 Standard Performance

Winner Medical takes pride in exceeding industry standards. The SMMS Surgical Gown’s protection performance reaches EN13795 standard performance, achieving AAMI Level 2. This level of certification is a testament to the gown’s ability to provide a reliable and robust defense against fluid penetration. The hydrostatic pressure in key areas is ≥20cm·H2O, ensuring that every inch of the gown is equipped to handle the challenges of the operating room.


Winner Medical’s SMMS Surgical Gown emerges as the go-to choice for those seeking superior protection during surgical procedures. By investing in this cutting-edge gown, healthcare professionals not only embrace advanced technology but also elevate the safety standards of their practices. Winner Medical doesn’t just provide surgical gowns; they offer a shield of confidence for those at the forefront of healthcare.

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